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Bird Scaring

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A bird scarer is any one of a number devices designed to scare birds, usually employed to dissuade birds from eating recently planted arable crops. Methods of bird control include physical deterrents, visual deterrents, sonic devices, or trained birds of prey. Birds usually adapt quickly to most static bird control devices because the birds adapt after exposure to false threats. The avian control devices that are most effective either physically "block" the birds or "actively modify behavior" using a mild harmless shock.

If just being placed in situ and left, audible bird scarers can easily become ineffective bird control solutions, however when managed on an on-going basis or used as part of a greater bird deterrent system, sound methods can deliver partial results for low level bird activity.Wind driven scare devices include tapes, balloons, kites, and lightweight spinning turbines propelled by wind. These devices reflect sunlight and in limited uses scare birds that are new to an area. Typically, birds will quickly become acclimated to such devices as the birds learn the devices are not alive. We list each of the types we can offer you below.

Bird Scarer's and Bird Deterrents are essential to protect many crops including oilseed rape, fruit and field vegetables from damage by wild birds. However, if used thoughtlessly they can serious annoy and disturb the public, thus fuelling the pressure for strict legal controls or a ban on their use.

Click Here to read the NFU's Code of Practice on Bird Scarers.
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